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Helpful Hints for Ordering

Our goal is to make your Colossal Gram ordering experience easy.  Please read the following Helpful Hints for Ordering.  If you have questions or comments during the order process, contact us.

Single Order – When ordering via our web Order page, you may place only one order at a time.  This is due to the fact that each message is associated with a specific recipient and ship to address.

Multiple Orders – If you are ordering multiple Colossal Grams at the same time for your business or personal messages, Contact us.  We can simplify the process of ordering so you do not have to enter all of your information via our website order page. 

Maximum # of Lines – There is a maximum of 6 lines. You do not have to use all of the lines. If less than 6 lines are used, we will space the lines appropriately.

Maximum # of Characters – There is a maximum of 23 characters per line. Letter characters, spaces and punctuation marks are all counted.

Size of Letters – All messages are printed in 4 inch high CAPITAL letters.

Characters & Symbols – Available keyboard characters and symbols are: , . : ; “ ‘ ! ? / = – # $ % & ( ) @ ♥

Spelling – Please verify spelling and call attention to unusual spelling of words or phrases.  This is especially important for proper names. If you intentionally misspell a word or words, please let us know. Identify any intentional misspellings in the “Message, Shipment & Shipping Label Instructions” text box on the Order page.

Alignment – You can choose to align center, left, or right on each line of the Colossal Gram. Alignment is defaulted to “Center.” If you do not make any selections, we will lay out your message in the manner that we decide looks best. Refer to some of the Example pictures throughout our website.

Shipping Label Instructions – In the “Message, Shipment & Shipping Label Instructions” text box indicate any special instruction you wish us to put on the shipping label for the recipient or courier to see.
For example:
“Open on your Birthday”
“Do not open before Valentine’s Day!”
“Hold for the Smith party on Sunday”
“Leave at the reception desk”, etc.

Delivery Address Accuracy – Make sure the delivery address you provide is accurate. For 2021 both UPS and FedEx charge approximately $18.00 as an address correction fee. If we receive an address correction charge as a result of an inaccurate address that is provided to us, we will pass this charge back to the ordering party.

Future Shipping Date – If you wish to have your order shipped on a future date, please indicate this in the “Message, Shipment & Shipping Label Instructions” text box.  We will ship on that date.  Allow sufficient delivery time based on the shipping method you choose from our location in the Chicago area.

Specify “Deliver By” Date If Time Sensitive – This text box is provided for you to indicate if the Colossal Gram needs to arrive by a specific date. Place your order at least a week before the ship date if you wish to take advantage of lower cost shipping options.

Delivery Guarantees –  UPS and FedEx offer specific delivery guarantees on some of their premium services.  (ie UPS Next Day Air, UPS Next Day Air Saver, FedEx Standard Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight)  We pass along the delivery guarantee that UPS or FedEx provides, but Colossal Gram, Inc does not provide delivery guarantees.  Both UPS and FedEx FedEx rescind their delivery guarantees during times of extreme weather and for many other reasons that might interrupt their ability to deliver in a timely manner. Currently UPS does not offer any delivery guarantee on their Ground service.

If you have a suggestion for new Helpful Hints for Ordering that we should add to this list, please Contact us.

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