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Colossal Gram Reviews
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We love to hear feedback from our customers!  When we receive Colossal Gram reviews we are pleased to be able to share them on our Colossal Gram reviews page for everyone to see.  All of the below reviews are from customers and media outlets who have shared their review with us.

A customer sent us a nice message of appreciation in which he included a quote from a noted Sales Trainer, Harry Mills. In his book “Artful Persuasion” Harry is quoted as saying “The real message isn’t what you say. It’s what the other person remembers.” Our customer went on to say regarding a Colossal Gram he had sent that the receiver “will surely forget the sentiments expressed on the Colossal Gram. But they will never forget the Colossal Gram that carried the sentiments. Thanks to your wonderful work.”

On another occasion a long time customer was so appreciative of our customer service and the way we have helped him craft perfect Colossal Gram messages through the years that be bestowed an honor on us from Amarillo’s Texas Embassy, “An Award of Distinction.” In addition it conferred on us the title of “Master of Messages & Wizard With Words.” We feel honored. Click here to view the award.

  • Congratulations to my Proviso East High School teammate and classmate, John Prine, on being nominated to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Congratulations John Prine on being nominated to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

  • Landry & Kling Global Cruise Events recently shared this photo of a Colossal Gram from 1996. It still makes a BIG impression even after all these years! Landry & Kling CG photo #2 Landry & Kling CG photo #3  

  • Twitter post by David Ross, star Chicago Cubs catcher, showing off a Colossal Gram sent by a fan congratulating him on a great career. @D_Ross3 (Click on the picture to enlarge.)
      David Ross Chicago Cubs

  • Colossal Grams bring big smiles and now this Facebook post confirms they also bring tears of joy!
    Facebook Valentine's Day post by recipient

    Karen S. - 2/11/2016
  • Thanks Dan for sharing the photo you posted on Twitter. Colossal Grams are great for business use!
    Twitter kudo

    Dan B. - 1/18/2016
  • It's sooo cool!
    View the YouTube video showing Wendy opening a pink Colossal  Gram received from The Oak Ridge Boys to celebrate her 1,000th show.  (At the 8min 30sec mark)

    Wendy Williams-The Wendy Williams Show-FOX TV
  • Media Mention -
    Colossal Gram photo on site Photo credit: Claire Tallerico/Cumulus Radio
    Photo of a Colossal Gram being held by Blair Garner, Terri Clark, Sunny Sweeney and Chuck Wicks of WNSH-FM in New York City.  It was sent to them by "The Kids of St. Jude" who they have supported in fundraising efforts.
  • AWESOME!  You guys are the best!  Thank you very much!

    Tracey K. - Deerfield Beach, FL
  • Perfect for those moments when you can't -- won't -- be ignored.

    Daily Herald - Arlington Heights, IL
  • Anyone can send a telegram or candygram to say they love you, but when the sentiment arrives on a Colossal Gram, everyone will sit up and take notice.

    Times Advocate - Escondido, CA
  • Your Colossal Gram was a great hit with everyone in our office.

    Mary Kay A. - Addison, TX
  • Subaru of America loved their Colossal Gram!  It was a big hit!

    Kim. B - Jacksonville, FL
  • We received a call from our Grandson thanking us for the Colossal Gram.  He loved it.  It arrived right on time.  You'll be hearing from us again.

    Jan M. - Aurora, IL
  • Thank you so much for your help, I very much enjoyed working with you and will definitely use Colossal Gram again.

    Sarah H. - Dearborn, MI
  • Thanks for the great service.  Colossal Grams are always a HUGE hit 🙂

    Suzy G. - Leawood, KS
  • We think this is one very big deal.

    Orange County Register - Santa Ana, CA
  • Thank you so much.  What a wonderful impact your Colossal Gram made!!!!!  Much happiness and timed perfectly!

    Peter G. - Langhorne, PA
  • You do an awesome job and the dealers loved their Colossal Grams.

    Lori L. - Windsor Locks, CT
  • I am a happy client writing to say “WOW!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    Robert G. - Amarillo, TX
  • We have received excellent comments and responses and think it’s a “Colossal” way to remember special occasions.

    Frank N. - Chicago, IL
  • Thanks for being so easy to work with! I will definitely recommend Colossal Grams to my friends!

    Bonnie C. - Riverwoods, IL
  • Colossal Gram is a great way to celebrate in a very big way.  A big plus is that it can become an important part of the celebration decoration!

    Richard B. - Naples, FL
  • I just received the Colossal Grams...  Thank you for the quick delivery, they came out perfect.

    Maximilian K. - Montcale, NJ
  • Thank you so much for expediting the order.  You folks definitely know Customer Service!

    Susan C. - Hoffman Estates, IL
  • I am sure I will use your wonderful services again.

    Jenn H. - Newton, MA
  • Colossal Gram has been great fun to use for our family celebrations and business events.

    Mary Ann M. - Bloomingdale, IL
  • King Kong of telegrams is the bearer of big news.

    Detroit Free Press - Detroit, MI
  • May be the biggest way to say "Be my Valentine."

    Daily Gazette - Taunton, MA
  • This thing is... big enough that everyone within a 100-foot radius can see.

    The Albany Herald - Albany, NY
  • What an absolutely sensational "telegram!"

    Fred de C. - Los Angeles, CA
  • Thank you for your service.  I can't wait to use it again.

    Peter E. - Wilton, CT
  • Thank u so much... kids are thrilled... I appreciate your great help...

    Sharon L. - Clarks Summit, PA
  • I recommend your services to all my friends and acquaintances.

    Elaine D. - Ames, IA
  • A Colossal Gram will convey the depth of your feelings in very big letters.

    Staten Island Sunday Advance - Staten Island, NY
  • Demands attention wherever it unfolds.

    The Economist - Lansing, IL
  • The 'gram arrived today and it's perfect and we're delivering it in minutes. The double labels were an extra touch and all-in-all you offer a very unique (in a positive way) solution to many messaging opportunities.

    Tom Z. - Martinsville, IN
  • No way you can be accused of not getting your message across...

    Daily Press - Newport News, VA
  • Thank you!  I will look forward to using the service more often!

    Ron S. - Lakeville, MN
  • Appreciate your quick response and turnaround.

    Diana H. - Cincinnati, OH
  • Will definitely make a major statement.

    The Charlotte Observer - Charlotte, NC
  • It is always a pleasure to work with you folks.  You are efficient, polite, and deliver a quality product. Thank you for your dedication.  I recommend you whenever I can, wherever I am.

    Dennis W. - Muncie, IN
  • Thanks so much for taking such good care of our orders each month (time wise and money wise); really appreciate your assistance.

    Julie H. - Swedesboro, NJ
  • I'm very impressed with your customer service and follow-up!

    Doug H. - Rolling Hills Estates, CA
  • Wow. This is great service.  I don't believe anyone has helped me with a purchase like this before.   Thank You!

    Bill L. - Las Vegas, NV - 9/11/2015
  • Thank you so much---It was a Big Hit and worth every penny 🙂

    Marge E. - Baltimore, MD - 9/8/2015
  • Have used your company over the years and always get a great reaction from your products! Awesome stuff!

    Kurt B. - Suwanee, GA - 9/28/2015
  • "I think these are super neat..."

    Katie G. - Alexandria, VA 11/19/2015
  • Thank you! You all are AWESOME!!

    Deborah M. - Houston, TX 1/21/2016
  • Thanks again for such great service...

    Rebecca B. - Clearlake, CA 3/6/2016
  • It was perfect!!! Thank you so much.

    Cia S. - Fort Myers, FL 3/25/2016
  • Thank you once again! I don't know what I would do without your Colossal Grams.

    Barbara G. - Castle Rock, CO 4/9/2016
  • Thank you! We always love your services.

    Emmeline G. - Memphis, TN 5/18/2016
  • Customer service with Colossal Gram has always been stellar. I look forward to continuing business and recommending CG in the future.

    Victoria L. - Arlington, VA 7/6/2016
  • Appreciate the proofing, great customer service!

    Trevor G. - Atlantic Beach, FL 9/30/2016
  • Thank-you, you make a great product / surprise gift!

    Bruce F. - Old Bridge, NJ 10/13/2016
  • Thanks for your awesome service.

    Ginny M. - Perrysburg, OH 10/19/2016
  • Used many times for work...these are great!

    Steve W. - San Francisco, CA 1/24/2017
  • ...been using CG since I worked in Boston in the 80s and received one as a surprise gift.  It's the gift that never gets old!

    Patrick M. - Ashburnham, MA 3/30/2017
  • You are the best!!!  Together we have made people happy for over 20 years now!!

    Barbara G. - Castle Rock, CO 5/23/2016
  • "...these are the coolest things ever! 🙂 "

    Allen H. - Atlanta, GA 4/26/2017
  • "They LOVED it."

    Paulette P. - New York, NY 4/25/2017
  • So nice of you folks - as usual - caring about the details.

    Tom Z. - Bloomington, IN 5/15/2017
  • People who get them are so thrilled!

    Peter E. - Wilton, CT 5/15/2017
  • Thanks so much for the speedy service.

    Tom Z. - Bloomington, IN 6/27/2017
  • Thank you so much for your great customer service!

    Pam B. - Decatur, IL 6/29/2017
  • I really acknowledge  your integrity and outstanding impeccable customer service.  Can’t wait to have another occasion to purchase another Colossal Gram!  Thanks so much again.

    Susan C. - Coconut Creek, FL 8/20/2017
  • Thank you thank you for the great product and customer service you provided.  You definitely have a return customer here.

    Mishelle K. - Logansville, GA 8/31/2017
  • The Colossal Gram was a BIG hit, thanks for a job well done!

    John G. - Hilton Head Island, SC 3/22/2018
  • Thank you so much!  I just love doing business with your company. I appreciate your help with the shipping...

    Carol M. - Charlotte, NC 6/1/2018
  • Thank you, your company always does a nice job! 😉

    Patti T. - Loves Park, IL 6/11/2018
  • Thank you so much for your attention to detail and timely follow-up!

    Ashley C. - Fuquay Varina, NC 6/20/2018
  • Thank you!  What a pleasure to do business with you!

    Alta G. - Griffin, GA 8/22/2018
  • Thanks again for your great attention to detail. You guys rock!

    Kathy L. - Alpharetta, GA 1/8/2019
  • Thank you so much! The business loved the Colossal Gram, and we will continue to order from you in the future.

    Gina S. - Peoria, IL 4/4/2019
  • What spectacular customer service.

    Alan M. - Toxaway, NC 10/10/2019
  • Thank you for always looking out for the details!

    Anita M. - San Antonio, TX 11-1-2022
  • Thank you for your incredible personal service. Greatly appreciate.

    Joanne C. - Toronto, ON 3/20/2023
  • You folks continue to be awesome. I'll continue to brag about you and your unique and wonderful service. Thanks so much.

    Earl H. - Tucson, AZ 8/17/2023
  • Thanks for the excellent customer service.

    Sheryl P. - Overland Park, KS 10/1/2023
  • My boss loves your company...

    Susan M. - New York, NY 10/4/2023
  • Thanks for your good service!!!

    Bennett K. - Park City, UT 10/25/2023
  • You do such a nice job.

    Bruce K. - Belleville, WI 2/9/2024
  • People get so excited when they receive one. It works every friggin time.

    James C. - Bridgeville, PA 1-23-2024
  • I've never failed to make an impression.

    Tom Z. - Bloomington, IN 12-27-2023

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