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Colossal Gram has been sending personal messages in the form of giant “telegrams” since 1982.  It was founded in  the basement of a creative entrepreneur in a western suburb of Chicago. He also started a star naming business called STARS (Star Tracking and Registration System).  STARS was an early competitor of The International Star Registry. In addition he was reportedly involved with the startup of “The Great Frameup“.  In 1984 Colossal Gram was purchased by two retired gentlemen. They were long time friends and wanted something more to do in their retirement. Their first action was to move the business from the basement into an industrial space. They incorporated it and set it on a path for expansion.

Marilyn and Bruce have owned and operated Colossal Gram, Inc. since 1985.  Since then the world has erupted with technological changes that have dramatically transformed how people communicate.  In 1985 people still wrote letters and sent “real” telegrams. Today we text, Twitter and “friend” each other. These changes are as profound to us as the original telegraph and telegram were in the late 1700’s when they first emerged on the scene.

Telegrams were  a mainstay of communication well into the 20th century. Although rare today, it was reported as late as 2013 that 2 world leaders communicated via telegram. On August 9, 2013 USA Today reported “Putin sends warm telegram … to Bush.” The article is available to see in USA Today via this link.

Today Colossal Grams continue to provide a novel way to congratulate, motivate, celebrate or promote for any special big reason, business or personal.

We encourage you to browse our website to see the many Example pictures. Message suggestions for various occasions can be seen on our Message Ideas page. Many other pictures can be viewed on our Facebook  page.

We encourage everyone to create and personalize their own message.  Contact us if you need more help when  ordering one or many.

The name Colossal Gram and the logo are registered trademarks of Colossal Gram, Inc.

Colossal Gram - About Us

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