Special Occasions Deserve Unique Gifts!

Celebrate special occasions with a very unique idea. A Colossal Grams® conveys your thoughts in a giant-size personalized way! Congratulations, celebrations and parties of all kinds are perfect special occasions for this unforgettable gift.cg-mockups 3_slide 1 c


Send a Colossal Gram® or Holiday Gram™ or bring it to the special occasion yourself. What a wonderful surprise when it is opened and unfolded to reveal your giant personal message.Special Occasions

Our Customers Love Us

After special occasions quite often we hear from our customers about how happy Colossal Grams made their love ones! Big smiles, laughter, lots of hugs and yelps of surprise are a part of the opening of the Colossal Gram package. There is no better way to to celebrate a big birthday or anniversary and all  other special occasions too!

Everyone can sign and put a personalized message on it, too.  Everyone will have room to write as much as they want! The quality paper gives your loved one a memento that will last for years and years to come. Recently we had a mom tell us that she still had a Colossal Gram from when her son was born, 30 years ago! She displayed it again for that special 30th birthday.Special occasions

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