Personalized Gift Ideas

Everyone loves to receive a personalized gift.  This is especially true when personal thoughts are expressed for the occasion. When a sender puts thought into a gift it has a greater impact and special meaning.  Personalized gift ideas need to be as unique as the celebration or big occasion.  A Colossal Gram® is so easy and affordable to create and to send for any special event.  Enter your message on our Order page and view a graphical representation of how your message will appear.  Creative message ideas can be seen on our Examples page and throughout our entire website.  Many different message idea examples can be seen on our Big Message Ideas page. Check them out.  If you would like more message ideas, Contact us. Our experienced friendly customer service staff is available if you would like assistance to create your perfect personal message. They will guide you through the message options for your personalized gift ideas and will help you create your big message.  Order a Colossal Gram today.

Special Occasions

New Baby Congratulations

New Baby Congratulations

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements and all special life milestone events are the ideal time to send Colossal Grams.  Any time, any age and any event is perfect for sending a big message on a Colossal Gram.  It is truly a one of a kind keepsake!


Celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and all holidays with a Colossal Gram.  During the December holiday season we offer a special Holiday Gram.  It features a colorful red and green holly border on a white background.  Share your love and your sentiments with a big personalized message.  Colossal Grams convey your happy holiday greeting in a BIG way.  Everyone loves the surprise of receiving one and seeing your giant size special holiday message.  They are as much fun to send as they are to receive.  Join the fun!  Order one now.

Employee Recognition

Motivate, recognize, promote and congratulate with Colossal Grams!  Make a BIG impression!  Colossal Grams are one of the best choices of personalized gift ideas to use for employee recognition.  They are a unique, affordable, effective way to send acknowledgement to employee teams in celebration of significant achievements.  Celebrate a safety record.  Acknowledge a sales goal achievement.  Recognize a fundraising accomplishment.  Announce a noteworthy corporate event.  Both individuals and employee teams love to receive Colossal Grams in recognition of their accomplishments.  Hang it on the wall and let it motivate for months to come!  Make a BIG impact!  Order now.

Employee recognition

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