Make happy holidays even happier with a Colossal Gram® or Holiday Gram™

happy holidaysMother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day are only a few of the holidays celebrated through out the year.  In fact there are more than 200 holidays and special  observances identified in the United States and Canada.  FYI… here is a link to holidays celebrated around the world courtesy of the website

Bridge the distance across the miles.  When you can’t be with family and friends in person to celebrate a holiday, send a Colossal Gram®.  A heartfelt message on a Colossal Gram or Holiday Gram™ will make a BIG impression. It will long be remembered!

Pink Colossal Grams are especially suited for Valentine’s Day but can be sent for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, new baby congrats or any other big occasion.

happy holidays

Holiday Gram (TM)

A Holiday Gram is available which features a red and green holly border printed on a white background. This design is popular during the December happy holidays.

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