Motivate, Promote, Congratulate & Celebrate!

A Colossal Gram® is perfect for all business employee recognition occasions! They are personal, unique, affordable and professional. Recognize your entire team or an individual employee for a job well done! Create your own special message. Messages can be tailored for each event or occasion. Everyone loves to be recognized in a positive big way. Colossal Grams are big but they won’t make a big dent in your marketing budget!

Employee recognition

Employee Recognition and Motivation

Employee recognition is important. It is an accepted part of all businesses. Companies know that their employees are a valuable asset. Colossal Grams are a perfect way to recognize and motivate employees. An employee recognition Colossal Gram provides motivation. Showing appreciation motivates employees to continue to do their best. Keep the ball rolling! Send a Colossal Gram!Employee recognition


Each Colossal Gram message is custom created by the sender. It acknowledges the event, achievement or occasion that is being recognized. Need ideas? We have them! Look at our Message Ideas page. Our staff is also available to help you create your message. Contact us.

You don’t need a big budget to acknowledge employees in a big way! Make Colossal Grams a part of your company’s employee recognition tradition.

Celebration and Congratulation

Employers benefit when employees are happy and are having fun. A connected team is a happy team. A happy team is a productive team. Team building does not only happen at business meetings!

Employees love sharing personal events at the office. Colossal Grams are perfect for celebrating happy personal life events. Birthdays, new babies, retirement parties and more are big events that can be shared with co-workers. Colossal Grams convey your congratulations in a big way!Employee recognition

Colossal Grams are a great decoration at any celebration or party.  Hanging on a wall they become a perfect memory board for attendees to write their own personal message.  They become a unique keepsake of the special event.

Make a BIG impression for any occasion with a Colossal Gram!

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